Doggie Self Wash

Need a great dog washing station? We have two fully equipped self-wash dog washing stations for our Chicago, Bucktown and Wicker Park area customers.

We all love our dogs, but a wash at home means clogged drains, dirty tubs & bathrooms, and mounds of laundry. Do the dirty work at Urban Canine by using our self service wash. Appointments are preferred to guarantee self wash station availability!

We provide a large variety of professional shampoos, fluffy towels, professional dryers, brushes, ear cleaner and other general washing items. All you need to do is bring your dog in and leave with them smelling fresh and clean!

Self wash services  $20

  • Variety of high quality shampoos to choose from
  • Large bathing tubs
  • Professional dryers
  • Fluffy towels
  • Leave the mess behind


Before starting, we recommend wearing an apron to keep from getting splashed

Choose a shampoo that is right for your dog.

Feel free to ask for recommendations.

Wet your dog thoroughly.

Be sure to get the fur that is closest to the skin, as well as the outer coat.

Don’t forget about under the chest and belly, along with around the tail and facial areas.

Apply shampoo liberally and evenly to the entire coat.

Scrub with your hands and create a thick lather.

Don’t forget to wash the face, paws, tail and ‘private parts’.

Rinse and repeat.

Clean ears with ear cleaning solution.

Apply ear cleaning solution to a cotton square.

Apply enough to wed pad.

Wipe the areas gently.

Change the pad as necessary, if it becomes soiled.

Rinse out the shampoo thoroughly.

TIP! Leaving any shampoo may irritate your dog later.  Be sure to get all of it out.

Be sure to get under the belly and chest., along with around the tail and facial areas.

Apply conditioner and work well coat.

Choose a conditioner: “Leave-In” spray conditioner.

Rinse-out style must be thoroughly rinsed out of coat with water.

Use towels to dry your dog as much as possible.

TIP! Squeeze away any excess water before toweling.

Replace with a dry towel if it gets soaked

Place a towel on the tub floor under your dog.

Keeps water from getting back onto your pet. Makes it easier for your pet to stand.

Use our professional air dryer to dry a dog.

Hold the nozzle close to the dog’s skin ti remove moisture from the undercoat.

PLEASE BE CAREFUL! DO NOT direct the airflow to the eyes, ear canals, or private areas.

Final Touch: After your dog is dried to your satisfaction, feel free to use one of our finishing colognes.

Remember,  more is not always better, but use as much as you like.


Time to go show-off your clean dog.