Urban Canine Dog Walking Services, Since 1995

Urban Canine staffs only true animal lovers for dog walking, and we hire only the most qualified, trustworthy and responsible candidates. Many precautionary steps are taken before anyone is hired, including verified references; background checks, one-on-one interviews, and doggie-interaction skills testing. Additionally, each dog walker candidate will receive thorough training and we will closely observe their canine handling skills and attention to detail. We will see exactly how the doggies react to each candidate, and often times the dogs themselves will help in the decision making process. Doggie intuition is pretty powerful stuff.

Bottom line, we make sure that we are sending out only the most reliable, dependable and trustworthy people to care for your pets. Incidentally, over 90% of Urban Canine’s employees past and present are college educated. Not a requirement, but our Dog Walkers tend to have that on their resume. Our goal is to create a comfort zone for you and your pet. – A relationship that you can count on for quality, loving care of your doggies.


Urban Canine is:

    • Insured
    • Bonded
    • Certified

Urban Canine offers:

    • Mid-day dog- walking and exercising
    • 25 and minute visits
    • No pack walks
    • Prompt, courteous service
    • Walking staff is energetic and enthusiastic about dogs!
    • Staff is mature, responsible and reliable
    • Same walker at each visit
    • Flexible scheduling
    • Monthly billing
    • Grooming pick up and drop off


    • 25-minute visit: $18
    • Each extra dog: $3