Do not allow your dog to free feed!

This tip may seem obvious to some of you, but others may not be aware the benefits. The main reason to control your dog’s feeding schedule is to make it clear that you are the provider. If your pet is allowed to nibble throughout the day, he will think the food is there for the taking. Your dog must understand that eating is a privilege that should not to be taken for granted.

Another important reason to control your dogs feeding schedule, is to know exactly how much he is eating. We are responsible for maintaining a healthy weight in our dogs. The back of an IAMS food bag has a pretty accurate chart of how much your dog should eat based on his size.

You may also want to feed him twice a day and give him something to look forward to during the day. Be sure to make him sit and pause before releasing him to the food dish. If he does not start eating immediately, you must remove the food from his reach. He should not be allowed to eat until his next meal. He will eventually figure out that he must take advantage of all feeding opportunities. Remember that your pet is a natural survivor, and he will not starve. Also, do not feel the need to “doctor-up” the food to make it more appealing. He will gladly eat dry kibble if this is all he is offered.

Note: It may take a while to switch your dogs eating habits, but be patient and they will catch on.

Tony Sauer
Owner, Certified Dog Trainer

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