Chicago Dog Walker Consistency and Frequency

Urban Canine has been in the Chicago Dog walking business for nearly 25 years, and over that time, we’ve learned a few things about what customers like and don’t like in a dog walker and dog walking company.  At the top of the list of likes, I would say animal loving nature, reliability, trustworthiness and consistency, to name a few.

Perhaps one of the most important qualities in a Dog walking company, is dog walker consistency.  I have yet to meet a customer who likes to have a variety of different dog walkers having access to their home and dog.  Most will prefer to meet and get to know the dog walker first, followed by that same person handling the dog walks each day the customer will need our services.   We have found the actual dog will prefer this as well.  The bond between the dog and dog walker grows strong, and the customer can go about their day in full confidence knowing that their favorite furry family member is in good hands, and knowing that their home is in good hands too.   If and when a change in staff should occur, most customers will want this to be clearly communicated and with as much notice as possible.    It doesn’t happen very often at Urban Canine, but we agree this should be very clear and communication about a change should be a top priority.

Our goal is to provide a consistent dog walker for each of our customers, and with open and clear communications regarding our staff and their schedule.   Maintaining the same dog walker for an extended period of time is not easy, however we have had great luck in keeping our dog walkers for much longer than the industry norm.  Again, not easy, but if you find the right people at the right time in their lives (and of course, treat them right), it can happen!    On a side note, we have yet to hire a dog walker that was not college educated, even though we don’t advertise this as a requirement.  We are very proud and appreciative of our staff, and our customers appreciative them as well.  Our years of experience in the Chicago dog walking market is certainly helpful, but it’s our staff that is the real difference maker.   We will continue working to maintain these high standards in quality, service and reliability, and we will continue to provide a great and consistent staff of dog walkers in the Chicagoland area!

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